Hydrographer Waterproof Jacket

Hydrographer Waterproof Jacket
If you have the range, the Hydrographer Canyon holds fish, period. For a trip out to the canyons you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Our 100% waterproof, full zip with hood, rain jacket comes in treated polyester fabric with taped seams and locked down Velcro sleeves to ensure you will remain dry. Perfect for rain, snow and everything in between. We raised the pockets so when you are at work on deck there is no chance your hands get stuck in an open pocket. These two chest pockets are large enough to fit any cell phone. We added two pockets on the arms to keep anything small you may need to keep dry while fishing, boating or in the rain. Left chest Icon logo and White Water primary logo on the right sleeve cuff. Stay Dry! 

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  • Mackenzie Walsh