About Us

We’ve been in the Nautical and retail business for over twenty-five years. Primarily selling and servicing the best sport fishing boats and tackle produced. Along the way fishing in as many tournaments as time would allow. We’ve also boated and fished around the world, experiencing countless amazing places and making great friends along the way. In the past we produced and created gear for our friends, crews and staff, mainly for the tournaments we fished. Our friends and customers were always admiring and asking where they could get this gear, sometimes even taking our stuff home with them! White Water was created with a casual but creative Nautical attitude, to provide the best performing, best feeling, highly durable and most admired products. One of our boat manufacturers once said they would never compromise any boat or product produced over anything and they would only build what they felt was the Best in Class. We have the utmost respect for that statement and will follow that mentality. White Water will provide the highest quality and valued products possible. We are now pleased to provide these products and more to come, to our new and old friends, who enjoy life the way we do, together with friends, outdoors, having fun and looking good. You are guaranteed to enjoy all of your White Water gear. Please share any pictures of your family, friends and crews enjoying and looking great in their gear and we also welcome any suggestions or comments. Enjoy your time in White Water!



We are a group of individuals who are passionate about nautical lifestyle. We enjoy every minute we spend on or near the water with our friends and family. We have dedicated our careers to making other people’s lives more enjoyable with the ones they appreciate and love most.


We believe life should be fun and one can never have enough or spend enough time with friends and family. We all know what makes us happy. Do what you love, Love what you do, Work hard and Enjoy life, and Remember, when you Look Good you Feel Good!

“Customize your Lifestyle”.